The Night Shift is a 12-hour theatrical lock-in for anyone interested in rapid-response theatre-making and staying up really, really late.

“The Night Shift was an eye opening and creative fuelled evening. If there’s one thing I’ve taken away it’s that you should take fun seriously, from the tiniest of moments to the most absurd.”
Jack Wilkin, participant of The Night Shift

Part devising workshop, part performance-making free-for-all, 10-20 participants are selected in advance via expressions of interest – and, together, we all collaborate and make a spanking new, ensemble-based piece of performance throughout the night.

The work is then shared the next morning to anyone who may be interested or curious.

“The Night Shift was by far one of the most bizarre, surreal experiences of my life. It brilliantly managed to blur the lines between work and play. Through improvisation, communication and performance it allowed me to branch out and explore my creativity from an entirely new perspective. I think it is a brilliant night for anyone whose focus on the ‘final product’ distracts them from the joy that comes from the process of making. Meeting like-minded creatives and sharing such an intense evening together really teaches you a lot about yourself.”
Omar Khan, participant of The Night Shift



In order to successfully run the night we require at least one good sized studio space (or similar) with access to a PA system for microphones and audio playback from a laptop, and some basic lighting (general wash states, etc). Chairs and tables are useful, as are pens and paper.

Ideally there is the option to break out into other areas of the host venue and work separately in smaller groups at points throughout the night.

Themes of exploration are chosen in advance by LaPelle’s Factory and communicated to participants in advance; they can be tailored towards a specific area of interest if necessary.





The Night Shift works particularly well within festival contexts and for groups of BA / MA students and other practising artists (who are not necessarily from a performance background.

Age guidance: 18+

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