As a native of East Anglia, Olwen grew up on a healthy diet of weird folklore, and no tale is weirder than that of Black Shuck: the true account of an actual hellhound from actual hell that’s affected the identity of her rural community for hundreds of years.

Shuck is an old tale with new beginnings that raises the hair, tingles the spine and tickles the ribs. LaPelle’s Factory grapple with folkloric demons as they ask why grisly tales get passed down through generations and how they retain their mysterious power to bring us together.

Black Shuck, the devil’s dog, will torment your dreams and haunt your waking hours.

Ollie doesn’t believe. But will you?

Currently at the work-in-progress phase of its development, Shuck has been carefully crafted to exist in the live and the online live-streamed realms simultaneously.

Next performance: Fri 4 Dec @ Attenborough Arts Centre as part of Unexpected Tales

Click here to view the Shuck digital programme!

Written, devised & performed by: Olwen Davies & Ollie Smith
Dramaturgy by: Mufaro Makubika
Commissioned by: Nottingham Playhouse | Attenborough Arts Centre
Photography: Julian Hughes

Twitter feedback from our first work-in-progress audience at Nottingham Playhouse Unlocked festival:

#Shuck by @LaPellesFactory Absolute BEST way to spend my evening. Part of @NottmPlayhouse #npunlocked festival brilliant and engaging performance (as always) by the fantastic @OllieDSmith and @OlwenCDavies

This was GREAT! Thanks so much. Lovely mix of humour and scares. Thank you for adding a little bit extra for those at home. Is now a good time to say I saw a dark dog loose at the top of our lane as I drove home?

Thoroughly enjoyed this, creepy and funny!

Something very glamorous about being able to watch live theatre in my pyjamas, whilst crocheting. Thank you @LaPellesFactory for a fantastic show (and tonight’s nightmares)! @NottmPlayhouse #npunlocked

That put the wind through us: especially after a night where we both independently dreamt of water  leaking through the ceiling…. thank you @LaPellesFactory for the most considered Zoom theatre yet. I want to read more about Shuck now… and visit the church! @NottmPlayhouse

Really enjoyed #Shuck @LaPellesFactory @NottmPlayhouse hilarious and dark

First show back at @NottmPlayhouse and @LaPellesFactory smashed it out the park! Well done @OllieDSmith @OlwenCDavies #Shuck #NPUnlocked 

Wowow @OlwenCDavies @OllieDSmith @LaPellesFactory you were captivating! What an incredible work-in-progress at @NottmPlayhouse I cannot wait to see where this goes #Shuck #UnlockedFestival

Fantastic night at @NottmPlayhouse LIVE! @LaPellesFactory absolutely smashed it! Couldn’t have been better for a first return to the theatre. Funny, dark, deep and spooky. Couldn’t ask for more!

Thank you so much @LaPellesFactory & @NottmPlayhouse for #Shuck-what a brilliant evening. Perfect blend of humour and genuinely chilling darkness. Loved how you made those of us watching online feel included.

@LaPellesFactory‘s show tonight was performed as much for us at home as those lucky enough to be back in the auditorium @NottmPlayhouse. Theatrical, reflective and at times unnerving, @OlwenCDavies and @OllieDSmith were glorious on that main stage!

@LaPellesFactory‘s Shuck at @NottmPlayhouse really really was super! Especially with the inclusion of us watching on screens made ne feel like i was involved and wasn’t missing out for not being there live! I will now avoid jet black dogs. With red/yellow/red/yellow eyes

It was great @LaPellesFactory. Was a pleasure to be back in a theatre again to watch this.

@LaPellesFactory @OlwenCDavies @OllieDSmith #BlackShuck Great to have live theatre with a high standard of story telling to give you the creeps back on stage with a big dollop of humour thrown in.

Really enjoyed being back at @NottmPlayhouse tonight to see @LaPellesFactory #shuck beautiful storytelling, creative use of props and added bonus featuring my hometown of Lowestoft #bringingbackmemories

I have seen quite a bit of zoom theatre but this was amazing and you really felt the atmosphere, hope to catch it again as it develops.Thank you.

Smashed it. Really enjoyed it. Great job. Xx

Enjoyed watching #Shuck by @LaPellesFactory last night @NottmPlayhouse. Great work by @olliedsmith & @OlwenCDavies. Direct address to audience in the room and on zoom. Making eye contact through cameras. I’m sure I saw the red eyes of the hound.

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