There are secrets in the walls and under the floorboards and behind locked doors. We learnt that from the movies.  We learnt everything we know from the movies.

It’s movie night!

In this startling and hysterical show, LaPelle’s Factory tear up the conventions of cinema with a cocktail of fiery mania, razor-wire wit and dangerously seductive eyes.

Presented somewhere between a killer night out and a cosy night in on the sofa, CLOUDCUCKOOLANDERS is a charming and messy ‘movie night’ with a compelling streak of pitch black humour: like a bad taste horror flick, it really sets your teeth on edge.

Using tricksy home truths, little white lies and some wild fantasies, your two hosts dig up dangerous ground that crashes through old films, pop delusions, madness and loss. CLOUDCUCKOOLANDERS is a unique exploration of some very peculiar partnerships. Precariously balanced right on the edge of sanity, the show confronts love, obsession and our secret urges to do terrible things. It confronts the acts of faith we ask of one another as we try to work out what it means to belong.

“… sharply perceptive … incredibly enjoyable … fantastically sinister …”
Exeunt Magazine

“Extremely funny and naggingly unsettling – and great performers to boot”
Richard Lowdon, Forced Entertainment

“A complex and subtle exploration of our fascination with the darker sides of human behaviour and relationships; distinctive in form, but totally accessible to an audience who might not be used to this territory of theatre. The gradual revealing of what is really going on is handled deftly, is at once unsettling and very funny. LaPelle’s Factory prove to be great company, drawing us in to their world and making us complicit in their obsessions.”
Alex Kelly, Third Angel

One of Lyn Gardner’s ‘top tickets’ in the Guardian theatre blog

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England

Devised & performed by: Olwen Davies & Ollie Smith
Project supporters:
In Good Company | The HUB (Leeds)
Mentor: Richard Lowdon (Forced Entertainment)
Dramaturgy: Christopher Brett Bailey | Ellie Harrison | Alex Kelly (Third Angel)
Photography: Julian Hughes
Placement: Sophie Swoffer (MA student, De Montfort University)