One of the most exciting and innovative companies in the region
Michaela Butter MBE, Artistic Director, Attenborough Arts Centre


We make weird theatre
We take not being serious very seriously
We laugh at ourselves and we pick on each other
And everyone’s invited

Our shows lean into the camp schlock of horror movies and faded rockstars on the one hand; and crippling social anxiety and paranoia on the other

Our style balances fun with fear, whilst we poke around in the margins, behind the curtain and under the patio

We question expectations, relationships and modern ideals

With the use of dark humour, relatable stories and some modest multimedia, we aim to entertain, tease and cause a bit of trouble.

We’ve made various pieces for studios, one-to-one and experiential works, and compered events at some of the UK’s most respected arts venues

We teach like we’re indoctrinating our participants into a cult

Welcome to LaPelle’s Factory. Thanks for being here with us

LaPelle’s Factory are an exciting company. They are intelligent theatre makers who imbue their work with humour. Audiences enjoy their ability to play dark moments alongside laugh out loud moments and to move them into thinking about the subject matter in unexpected but accessible ways. Ollie and Olwen are engaging performers and I think the work is great
Sarah Brigham,
Artistic Director, Derby Theatre